In order to improve its transparency, Youtube has been exerting a lot of efforts. And starting today, viewers watching news broadcast videos on youtube will notice these efforts.

Youtube will show a notice below any news videos uploaded on the platform that has received any government support or public funding.

This only applies to uploaded videos by new organizations. This certain change is designed to prevent misinformation spreading and will likely affect different sources. The labels will also be linked to the Wikipedia page of the new’s publisher.

Temporarily, this feature is only implemented for users in the US. Youtube “don’t expect it to be perfect” and there will certainly be bumps in the road during its implementation. For now, users can be the judge and “send feedback” to flag any imperfect implementations.

Youtube already has plans to expand this certain feature. They may also create some changes in order to address conspiracy theory videos.

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The platform might start to add or show relevant videos from credible sources next to the conspiracy theory clips.

However, it is said that this feature is still in early development and there are no clear promises of when this will be implemented or how this might work.

“The principle here is to provide more information to our users, and let our users make the judgment themselves, as opposed to us being in the business of providing any sort of editorial judgment on any of these things ourselves,” said Neal Mohan, YouTube chief product office.

The platform has recently modified its search algorithms in order to show trustworthy and more reliable sources after the Las Vegas’ mass shooting that led to a spike of hateful content and misinformation.


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