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LYRTech are currently accepting guest posts and sponsored posts. We’d love for you to write for us. We’re open to articles on anything Tech related. This includes, Technology news and reviews, Social Media, SEO, Software and Hardware, Apps, Hacking, Robotics, Gaming and more. As long as it has some relevancy to technology or gadgets then it’s probably appropriate for our website.

Guest Post Guidelines

  • 1000+ Word Count Minimum
  • 100% Unique Content (Never posted anywhere else)
  • Article must be engaging and appealing
  • Article must have a good structure (Including headings and subheadings)

If you’re interested in guest posting on our site, contact us at the email address below. We’d be interested to see the article which you plan to submit to our site and we can tell you the price involved. These posts are NOT free so please do not waste our time.

You can contact us at Support@LYRTech.com