Atari seems to have risen from the dead with the recent announcement regarding its brand new console. The Atari VCS, formerly known as Ataribox, will be the company’s first console in over 20 years. But it apparently is not the gaming console people think it is. IGN’s feature on the Atari VCS explained that it’s simply a living room PC based on Linux. The platform won’t aim to compete with the big guns like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Its specs will most likely be less powerful than that of the previously mentioned consoles as well, but Atari did mention that it has partnered with AMD. According to Atari, the new console will bring a full PC experience to TV with streaming, music, apps, browsing, and more. It will also allow owners to add their own software and apps to customize their platforms.

The last time the world saw an Atari console release was way back in 1993 with the debut of the Atari Jaguar. Unfortunately, this didn’t achieve commercial success and no one has heard from Atari ever since — until now, of course. Even so, Atari is still considered one of the pioneers in the world of gaming. Its early consoles and arcade games helped define the electronic entertainment industry in the ’70s and ’80s.

The company’s success ultimately began with the launch of arcade machines that played Pong. The game would then be carried over to home consoles, which slowly sparked the beginning of the golden age of video games. Despite it having simple gameplay mechanics, Pong is one of the most iconic titles in video game history. It’s no wonder then that it has spawned many variations across a multitude of platforms throughout the years, with some companies taking Pong and added their own spin. Party Poker’s Atari Pong title takes inspiration from the original Pong but is unique in its own right. Its gameplay is a lot different as it focuses more on other tactics to win. Even though Atari disappeared, its legacy definitely still lives on through other means such as Atari Pong.

There is no confirmation on whether or not a remake of Pong will launch for the new console. However, the Atari VCS does aim to revive classic Atari video games, as well as introduce new, modern games. Rumors suggest that some of the games that will be launched on the platform include classics like Pac-ManStampedeRiver Raid, and Kaboom!. A game that is actually confirmed to come out on the Atari VCS is Tempest 4000, a title from developer Llamasoft that already has PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC ports.

Pre-orders for the Atari VCS are now open. The price of the console starts at $200 but the first round of pre-order customers will get an early bird price. For more tech news, be sure to check out LyrTech’s News section. We discuss updates on other consoles.

What do you think of the new Atari VCS? Is it a yay or nay?


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