Until recently there weren’t many watches available for the visually challenged. Now watches designed for the visually challenged include Braille watches, talking watches, and watches with large hands. There are also watches that enable people to tell the time by vibrations. The blind and the visually challenged should be able to choose from a wide range of watches.

Braille and Low Vision Watches

Apple Smart Watches.
Apple Smart Watch.

Braille watches enable the blind to tell the time by touch. Their touch dials and embellishments include smaller convex dots that denote minutes. These watches are available in analog and digital form. Some of these watches also have a ‘talking’ feature which announces the time. There are also watches with raised hour markers and unique hands for the blind or those with low vision. Lukashevsky invented a watch in which the hours were represented by dots, a triangle, a square, a star, or a zero. The bezels were made of solid steel because this resisted the frequent use of the hands.

 Some watches are specifically made for those with low vision. These feature larger hands. Many low vision watches have high contrast faces, no second hand and hour/minute hands that are thicker than normal ones.

Many watch manufacturers make Braille and low vision watches so there is a wide choice available. These watches come in many different styles and with many different types of bands, including silver, gold and leather.

Vibration Watches

Some watches enable the blind or visually challenged to tell the time by feeling vibrations. The Silen-T watch, made by Tissot, emits silent vibrations. It uses a constant vibration for the hour and intermittent vibrations for the minutes.

This watch is also useful for business people who want to feel what the time is without disturbing others. They can also set the alarm without disturbing other people in the office. People who use these watches can ‘feel’ the time by pressing on the crown and running their finger around the dial.

Talking Watches

A talking watch announces the time at the press of a button. Talking alarms can also be set on these watches. Some of these are one-button watches, which are easy to use, but other watches have different buttons for different functions.

Some of the talking watches are ‘calendar watches’. These announce the time, the day, and the date.

There are a wide variety of watches that are made for the blind and visually challenged. These come in many different, attractive styles and sizes. There are also lots of different features available.



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