Tesla to Sell Solar Power Products at 800 Home Depot Stores

The growing interest of people in solar panels is increasing and Tesla is smart enough to use that as a point of entry for their new strategy. Tesla or formerly known as Tesla Motors is an acknowledged manufacturer of solar panels and energy storage.

They are also known to specialize in electric automotive and that includes electric cars and more.

 Recently, it is reported that Tesla collaborates with Home Depot which is a home improvement retailer company with a store-within-store concept.

The store-within-store concept is an agreement wherein different companies can set up independent stores inside the store.

This great concept combined with great companies made Home Depot draw customers and maximizes their profit.

Today, Home Depot is the world’s largest home improvement retailer with 2, 283 stores companywide and more than 400,000 associates around the world.

These stats will be increasing this year with their new associate Tesla to be added to their list.

In a report, it is said that Tesla will be setting up their first 800 stalls in 800 different Home Depot stores within the first half of this year. It is also reported that the stalls will be staffed with Tesla employees and it will be a uniform 12 ft tall and 7 ft wide stalls.

The stalls will be expected to display solar panels, Powerwall batteries, and more of Tesla’s power products. This new strategy of Tesla will give more publicity to their products and some reports even said that they will be doing visual demonstrations to show people how their devices work.


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