A road trip with either the family or friends is a great part of the spring and summer travel season. Hopping into the car and heading to a destination is just a lot of fun. How can you not love cramming six people into a car built for four with a cooler and backpacks?

In order to look back at these trips fondly here are five tech gadgets for road trips you will want to make sure you take along for the ride.

Nintendo DS or Other Handheld Gaming System

Nintendo DS Lite
Nintendo DS Lite

If you are embarking on a journey with the family, I likely do not have to tell you how important it is to keep the kids occupied.

Unless you enjoy hearing “He’s touching me” and “Are we there yet”, packing along the old Nintendo DS or other handheld gaming system as well as the accompanying headphones is not an option but a requirement to keep your sanity until you reach your destination.

Be sure to pack an assortment of games as well. A good choice is the new Nintendo Switch.

Media Player

Apple iPod
Apple iPod

The old media player, whether it is a Zune or an iPod or whatever, can serve double duty on the road trip.

It can serve as a movie player to keep one person busy, or it can be plugged into the audio system of the car to provide the ultimate road trip soundtrack.

This might be one of the most important tech gadgets for road trips that you can pack. Remember the trip will likely become synonymous with at least one song.

Cell Phone

Smart Phone.
Smart Phone.

Cell phones serve a wide variety of purposes these days. They can have games for entertainment, GPS systems for directions, and Internet connections to stay up to date on the current news.

However, did you know that some of these units actually still make phone calls? Having a wireless phone allows you to avoid costly hotel phone bills, but also allows for phone calls to the destination for directions and you can stay in touch with mom so she knows everyone is alright.

Digital Camera

Photographer holding Camera.
Photographer holding Camera.

I would just say camera, but I have not seen a roll of film in quite some time, maybe in an antique store.

Taking pictures will allow you to document the trip and review the good times whenever you desire.

Just be sure to pack an extra battery and a memory card. Nothing is more frustrating than running out of battery power in the middle of a theme park and having to pay $50 for a ten dollar battery.

Laptop or Notebook Computer

Laptop placed on a desk along with a glass of water and a notepad.

If you are the type that likes to take advantage of free Wi-Fi wherever you go, then be sure to pack the laptop or notebook computer.

Not only will you be able to keep writing that travel blog, but you will be able to email pictures from the trip in real time.

Depending on your contact list the friends and family that receive the updates will either love it or think you just totally geeked out.


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