After T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T announced that they will offer mobile 5G network, last February 2, 2018, Sprint officially announced that they will also roll out mobiles with 5G network preferably in the first six months of 2019 however, everybody should expect that the price is relatively higher.

On the other hand, Sprint would be the 4th biggest carriers in the United States who will be launching a mobile 5G network.  

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However, Sprint does have one lead over Verizon because they are only providing permanent 5G plans for both wireless and residential broadband service, while Sprint will be concentrating on mobile 5G portable wireless devices.

According to Sprint, they are working with a Korean manufacturer as well as Qualcomm on their 5G technology network.

On the other hand, Marcelo Claure, the CEO of Sprint provided concrete information about the pricing of their 5G service. Claure anticipates that Sprint will increase their monthly unlimited plans from $60 to $80.

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Furthermore, Sprint will begin with super comprehensive stations of 160MHz to 2.5 GHz band, which is now serviced 50 percent of Sprint’s towers in the first 100 United States markets.

They are also planning to expand their 2.5 GHz band in their existing towers as well as increase the total number of their towers by 20 percent for the making of 5G network.

Cellur telecommunications tower cells.

In addition, Sprint will deploy an excessive collection of minor 5G transceivers consist of 15,000 small cells cable strand, 40,000 outside small cells, and more than one million customer cellular boxes.

Nevertheless, Claude claimed that their company will be the first carrier in the United States to launch a mobile 5G network.

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