A few individuals feel annoyed with Spotify simply because their service lacks songwriter as well as producer credits. Not only that, this giant music streaming platform has been complained by many artists and it already faced different issues.

Fortunately, Spotify has already developed a solution for these issues and for sure they will be praised by everybody because starting today, producer and songwriter credits for every track are now visible to the app. But for now, this newest feature is only accessible in Spotify’s desktop version. On the other hand, if you want to check who is the producer and songwriter of the song all you have to do is right-click on the track and you’ll be able to see the information you are looking for.

According to Spotify, the information that was being displayed has been collected from a top label metadata and there are some instances that some details of a certain track will not be included. However, this giant music streaming platform guaranteed that this feature will turn out to be more functional in the next couple of years because they will acquire more details from other sources.  

On the other hand, some are surprised because Spotify needs a lot of time just to make this feature free from any issues, however, it is a good start for Spotify rather than rendering a service without acknowledging the persons behind these tracks.

But, according to the Spotify’s director Annika Goldman, it is only the start of making producer and songwriter credits accessible for Spotify listeners. She also added that they are looking forward to improving this details constantly.


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