Microsoft launches a new feature of the Xbox App called the “Party Chat” which is now available in Android and iOS after several beta testing.

The new feature will help Xbox Live users to communicate with fellow gamers or party members through text and voice whether they are in the living room playing or outside the house and not holding the console.

It really helps gamers to keep up with the games while going home or just opening the party channel for the group chat.

In order to set up a party chat, navigate the “Parties” section which is the icon that looks like three persons that are located at the top of the screen.

Then, select the “Start a Party” in order to invite friends. You can now take part in the text and voice chat.

There are also other controls that are available like muting other people, checking the other player’s profile, or just managing the party settings.

Because of this new feature, Microsoft is slightly in the lead than Sony. Why? Sending a certain message to other players is now possible through the use of official apps but the live chat is only available if the third-party services are used. It is useful to people who play with a close-knit group.

The party chat is available to Xbox apps on Windows 10 and a console itself only before.  Fortunately, it is now available on the mobile platforms.


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