With the new, smooth and slim LXORY Dual Wireless Charging Pad you acquire much more than you usually expect from a wireless phone charger. It has two Qi charging pads, which enable you to simultaneously charge two wireless charging ready phones, and it also allows you to wire charge an additional device using the USB outlet. For the USB output to be functional, the Dual Qi Charger must be provided with the minimum of 18 Watts using the USB-C input (the USB-C cable is included in the package).

But not only is the LXORY Charging Pad a three-in-one charging device with a USB-C outlet and an included cable. It is also the first Dual Qi Charger that takes a step further and provides you with the lightning and the micro USB inputs.

This means it does not matter what charging cable you have set up, you can just plug the charging pad in and be on your way. So if you already have two wireless ready charging phones or in case you are thinking of buying the second one, get yourself the two phone charging station right away. This way you can save your money, the space on your desktop and the simplicity of setting the device up can even save you a little bit of time.

Setting up the LXORY Dual Qi Charger is quick and easy. All you need to do, is connect the transmitter to the USB outlet and place your phone on one of the devices pads. For your phone to charge without plugging in the cable, it must be one of the Qi wireless charging ready phones and it will start charging the second the connection is made.

If your phone is not Qi-ready, it can be upgraded with a receiver case or an interior receiver. In case your phone does not come with the receiver already built in, there is absolutely nothing to worry about; an aftermarket receiver can be equipped to the majority of smartphones.

The LXORY Dual Wireless Charging Pad is extremely convenient, because there is no need to plug or unplug the charging cable, which is especially practical when you have a call to answer or a quick text to return. There are also no mechanical moving parts involved that can break, like charging cables quite often do.

But on top of all this, and the fact that this charging pad is fairly inexpensive, the Dual Qi Charger gives your desktop a tidier look and it avoids any milder or more severe electric shocks, that are very much possible when there is an exposed charging cable end lying on your desk or awkwardly dangling off of it.

Of course the pad itself has to be plugged in with a USB cable to be functional, but even if you leave it plugged in at all times, thanks to the slim and sleek design it only takes up as little desk space as it possibly can and it is equipped with rubber feet, so it cannot slip off any surface.

Using the LXORY Dual Wireless Charging Pad has another big advantage, that you should take into consideration, when you are deciding whether or not to buy it. You probably know, that wireless charging generates heat, that is why your phone may get warm while charging up.

Many other chargers simply keep charging, exposing your phone to potential heat damage. Overheating the phone battery can lead to compromising the performance of the device, and the life expectancy of the battery itself can be reduced.

With LXORY Dual Qi Charger your mind can be at peace, because this charger has a built-in temperature sensor. This will restrain the maximum temperature of the transmitter to a secure extent and protect your device from heat damage.

The downside of this product may be, that it can only charge at 5 Watts, which prevents you to take advantage of either Apple’s or Samsung’s wireless fast charging features. The charging also lasts a little longer than it would if you used the cable plugged directly into your phone. When your phone battery is completely empty, it takes approximately four hours to charge, and about two and a half hours, if the battery is at its 50% of its capacity.

These numbers tell us that the power efficiency is about 30% smaller than using the conventional cable. But considering you can simply put your phone down and it instantly begins to charge, this is only a minor disadvantage; place your Dual Qi Charger someplace where you spend most of your time (work desk, bed-side table, kitchen counter…) and your phone will be sitting on the charging pad practically all the time, so the charging speed becomes relatively irrelevant.

If you are not sure about your phone being Qi-ready or you do not know how to equip your device with a receiver, all you need to do is take a minute of your time and check through the internet browser.

There are even a couple of tablets on the market with the Qi charging ability already built in, and with the LXORY Dual Wireless Charging Pad you can charge both devices, your phone and your tablet, at the same time. Or maybe there is more than one phone in your household and the standard charging cable broke.

Instead of wasting money on an additional charger, you can now kill two birds with one stone with the LXORY Dual Qi Charger. This way you can always count on your phone to always be at the same place, and you can forget about the cluttered, tangled cables lying around.


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