With the help of Google Assistant and Cortana skills, HP has been successfully launched its new printers that can be operated using voice control last year (2017). 

Using these Hewlett-Packard home printers, users are allowed to speak to these virtual assistants to print their documents on their behalf.

But, earlier this week devices that are Alexa-enabled can now connect to HP printers. Which means you can now use your HP home printer by means of Alexa.  

Similar to Google Assistant and Cortana, Alexa can execute different commands as well. For example, users can request Alexa to print their research papers, other important documents, and even blank notebook paper or calendars.

But before anything else, make sure to set up your HP home printer first to connect with Alexa.  

The Alexa, Google Assistant, and Cortana have a few similar skills and can follow the same commands on the other hand, but each voice assistant has unique capabilities wherein Alexa can print your Amazon’s shopping list while you can print your Google calendar with the help of Google Assistant.

Nevertheless, HP home printers that can be controlled using Google Assistant was launch in May 2017 while Cortana skills became accessible in October.

Furthermore, according to the head of HP home printing Anneliese Olson, printers that use voice assistants are undeniably useful and convenient in the next couple of years.

Olson also added that the virtual assistant environment will make a lot of sense especially for busy individuals as well as connecting of printers in the smart home will definitely become easier.


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