The iPad was introduced in 2010 and since it’s debut the gadgets the Apple iPad killed are the:

  • Mobile Internet Tablets
  • Portable DVD Players
  • The E-Reader

The iPad is a versatile gadget that does a full slew of tasks and is sure to be the golden gadget of the next few years. The popularity of the iPad is sure to form a dark cloud over other gadgets that are destined to fail – and this is their story.

Mobile Internet Tablets

Mobile Internet Tablets
Mobile Internet Tablet – Windows 8 Tablet

Mobile internet tablets are gadgets that look like the iPad from afar but once examined are revealed to be nothing but tablet devices that only browse the internet. Gadgets like the JooJoo, Sony Dash, and the SmarQ7 Internet tablet’s careers have ended before they even started.

The Apple iPad totally killed these internet tablet gadgets because no one is interested in a one-trick portable web browser (especially expensive ones). These internet tablets have the nerve to price themselves in the same price range as laptops (and the Apple iPad for that matter).

Portable DVD Players

Portable DVD Players
Portable DVD Players – Phillips DVD Player

In the same way Apple killed the portable CD player with the iPod, Apple will kill the portable DVD player with the iPad. 10″-12″ portable DVD players were a big deal back in the year 2000 but 10 years later, the popularity has ended and with gadgets like the iPad; the portable DVD player will surely be killed off.

The reason portable DVD players will be killed by the iPad is the simple fact that these gadgets are just too impractical. To enjoy portable DVD players, you’d have to lug around a limited assortment of DVDs at all times and the portable DVD player, but with the iPad and its wireless internet access; you’d be able to stream just about any video you wanted to watch in real time.

The E-reader

The E-reader
The E-reader – Amazon Kindle E-Reader

Apple killed the e-reader with its announcement of Apple iBooks. Well, maybe the e-reader hasn’t been killed off just yet, but with their gray colored screens and glitch software; e-reader owners are left wondering if they’ve wasted their money after the iPad was announced.

These gadgets seem like they’re from another decade (in a bad way) and could very well be ended by the iPad. After all, why read on 16 whopping shades of gray, when you could be reading your favorite eBooks in full color on the iPad.

The Apple iPad represents a new line of gadgets that will serve more than one purpose. The olden days of the one-trick device is being ended and killed off by multi-functional gadgets that give consumers way more bang for their bucks.


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