Even though the Dynasty Warriors 9 hasn’t even been released yet, there are quite some people interested in this game. Unfortunately, the exact date of the release remains unknown for the time being.

What Is The Dynasty Warriors 9?

Dynasty Warriors is a Role Playing Game (RPG) that has begun back in the year 1997 and after more than a decade, the series is releasing the ninth sequel or should we say the ninth installment. After a series of eight adventurous games with a big palette of different characters to choose from, the Dynasty Warriors 9 appears to be an even more exciting gaming experience with quite a few additional branches that take it out of the shadows of the previous chapters.

Dynasty Warriors 9
Dynasty Warriors 9

Refreshed Gameplay

For the very first time in the whole series’ history, the extensive land of China is embraced into one single map. The display of the map is easily legible and the graphics are simply beautiful.

Different regions of China, like deserts, snow lands or jungles, are included on the map and the time and climate changes are being reflected, allowing you to immerse deeper into the virtual world. With the blend of towns, cities, and battlefields there are many people to interact with and plenty of battles to win.

The game has 83 confirmed playable characters. As a player, you will be free to adjust move sets to extend the diversity on your ‘’smash button’’. For example; instead of jumping into action, which can escalate to the point of regret, use the ambush tactic and invade the enemy’s stronghold without being noticed.

The upgrade may be the most noticeable and much appreciated when it comes to the visuals. The cycle of day and night and weather effects have an impact on the enemy’s behavior; in many different situations exploiting the weather condition can be in your character’s best interest to overcome an obstacle.

There is another new feature now available in the game, named Hideouts; you can purchase properties from across the world and you can invite characters to join you in your hideout; this all depends on the region. Note that you can only invite the characters you have befriended. These characters will frequently show up, but they will be wearing more casual new clothing.

The Interactive Action has been extended to the point where your character can benefit from the surrounding ground; wall jumps, fishing by the water, launching flaming arrows and more.

The new State Combo System allows you to take advantage of the terrain around you and the environment, all depending on the Interactive Action and the enemy’s condition.

The option to shape your characters’ story through the game is based on the Missions and how you decide to handle them. The characters’ path will evolve through the whole game, up until you reach the final goal. Many of your choices during these missions can affect the level of difficulty of battles.

Characters can be equipped with any weapon, but to accomplish unique attack actions and to increase the character’s ability to unleash a much greater power, the characters must be equipped with their favorite weapon. Weapons can be bought at the Blacksmith, obtained with the help of scrolls and crafted.

The abilities of a weapon can be enhanced; the results of enhancement are completely random and a weapon reforged by gem can acquire new attributes, like poison, fire, thunder or ice, but it can also gain the defense stats of the character.

A Whole Palette of Characters

There are 83 confirmed characters in the Dynasty Warriors 9. In addition to the series, and to add some freshness to the choices, there are a few new names and faces amongst the crowd of fearless warriors. You can choose your character from four different dynasties; Wei, W, Shu, Jin. There is a fifth group of fewer characters, which is not classified to either of this groups.

The background of the character you choose is based on the Dynasty he or she comes from. For example, the character Deng Ai can be found in the Jin dynasty, he is a long-term general for Wei and efficient on the battlefield with Shu. Or the female character Wang Yi, the daughter of the Wang family, but her entire family was slaughtered and she swore to get her revenge on Ma Chao, another member of Shu dynasty.

If you are a dedicated gamer, then you already know, that creating the perfect character takes a little bit of research. That way your character becomes a part of the story you would want to experience.

For more information about the characters, it is probably the wisest idea to check out the official site of Dynasty Warrior 9.

The Storyline

The whole story is made often exciting and interesting chapters. It begins with the Yellow Turban Rebellion and proceeds from chapter to chapter until the ultimate objective is defeated. Every chapter gives you your own freedom of choosing how you want to move forward; you can choose to charge directly towards the final purpose, but you can also choose to complete all the missions or simply wander across the landscape; the choice is entirely in your hands.

The Dynasty Warriors 9 has finally come to the point when it is ready to be released to the public. Although the exact date has not yet been confirmed, there are some speculations on the day of the release. One thing is certain though; the game will be released worldwide in the early months 2018 and it will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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