The Natural Cycles app is being blamed for causing 37 unwanted pregnancies. This contraception app has been hit over the head, when a hospital in Stockholm reported the app to the Medical Product Agency in Sweden, after almost 40 women, who used the application, applied for an abortion.

What is ‘Natural Cycle’

The company Natural Cycles was established by a married couple that wanted to initiate a contraception form that does not rely on hormones. The application uses an algorithm to analyze personal information; the women have to take their temperature regularly and put the reading into the app.

The app does the necessary calculations and tells them whether they are fertile that particular day or not (it colors the fertile days on the calendar red). Basing the app on the theory that a woman can only become pregnant about six days throughout every cycle, the Natural Cycles states, that women may have sex without using protection on the days the app informs them to be ‘’not fertile’’. On the other days, the fertile days, it is advised to use any kind of protection.

Facts and Statements

The Natural Cycles contraceptive app is currently used by approximately 700.000 people around the globe and as the number of users increases, there are bound to be some unwanted mishaps, except in this case the mishap causes financial and even psychological damage. The company did not even found the number ‘37’ that dreadful.

It is the truth, we all know it, and the company stated itself that no contraceptive is absolutely 100% effective. An ‘accidental pregnancy’ can be an unfortunate risk and it can occur with any type of contraception; a condom, contraceptive pills or diaphragm.

Looking at the overall review of the Natural Cycles, the track record of the app itself is really not that negative. As the company announced, the app has a Pearl Index of 7. This means it is 93% effective when using regularly. The company’s studies have frequently presented the world with the results that show how the effectiveness of their app is similar to other contraceptive methods. And this is where the actual problem might be lying; the Natural Cycle claims to be just as effective, or even more than the methods we are already familiar with.

“Our goal is to increase contraceptive choice so that all women find a suitable method of contraception.” stated the company.

What Happens Now

The Natural Cycles is trying its best to reassure the medical community and the public, that their app is effective and clinically proven, and the women all around the world can put the trust, about getting pregnant or not, into their hands.

At this point, it is still not clear if the Natural Cycle really is to blame for the unwanted pregnancies. The media revealed some numbers that frankly are not that alarming, considering the number of people using the app.


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