Many premium airlines do not offer in-flight or onboard Wi-Fi and sad to say the British Airways (BA) is one of these airways. It means if you will going to ride one of its planes for long trips for sure you’ll going to sleep the whole trip. But not anymore, because British Airways unsurprisingly announced that they will now offer a high-speed Wi-Fi connection.

However, the company assured that 118 BA planes will be able to access this high-speed Wi-Fi connection after two years. In fact, it is a great surprise for all BA passengers, because they will be able to access their social media account and stream videos online even though they are more than 30,000 feet up.

Moreover, this is available for both long and short-haul trips though long-haul trips will be the first one to access the Wi-Fi. According to BA’s spokesperson, they will launch an onboard connectivity for short-haul trips next after they successfully launch an onboard connectivity for long-haul trips.

Undeniably, this is Europe’s main 4G high-speed onboard connectivity but most probably it comes with various technical issues. Nevertheless, BA passengers will definitely hope for the best and the company itself will do their best so that their passengers will not experience any technical issues during their flights.

The British Airways will provide two Wi-Fi levels, the Stream and Browse. When passengers choose the Browse level they need to pay £4.99 wherein they can browse social media, messaging apps, and basic web pages but with limits.

While for the Stream, the passenger can watch online videos for only £7.99. Nevertheless, both services are accessible ten minutes after the plane takes-off. In addition, the first 60 minutes is free of charge and afterward, you need to sign-up and choose between Stream and Browse.  


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