The time to access the Wireless Charging Pads of the German multinational automotive manufacturing company BMW has finally come. You and your plug-in BMW hybrid can say goodbye to disentangling the charging cord and drive together into your garage, where a charging pad automatically connects to the vehicle and initiates the battery charging.

The BMW Wireless Charging Pad is basically an enormous version of the Qi chargers made for your phone, except that you keep this one on the ground in your garage. In the beginning, it will only be available for to the BMW 530e iPerformance plug-in hybrid. The availability to other electric models will start to extend in time. Up until now, even the representatives of the BMW company could not predict when exactly will this product of the future leave Europe and travel overseas all the way to the US.

If you are one of those people who already are the proud owners of the BMW 530e iPerformance hybrid or if you are only thinking about acquiring one, there are a few things you should know about the BMW Wireless Charging Pad. First of all, you will need a 220 Volts outlet where the pad can be connected; either in a garage or a secured storage facility. The vehicle itself has an already built-in cord, that connects to the pad, when you, slowly and carefully, drive over the plate.

With the Wireless Pad plugged in, the vehicle detects the pad and the sensors on your car will show you exactly where to steer to enable the pad on the ground to communicate with the car. Once that connection is made, the system in the vehicle assists you to properly park, and after you achieve that part, the system goes off again; this time asking you whether or not you want to begin charging.

The numbers have shown that the battery, when completely empty, can be recharged within three and a half hours at 3.2kW of power per hour; this is according to the 9.4 kWh battery, that can be found in the depths of this BMW 530e model.

The charging level of the BMW Wireless Charging Pad is very much close or comparable to the level it would charge if you plugged the vehicle into the conventional wall cord. The length of charging your car battery is a little longer with the wireless pad, but it all balances out with the simplicity of the whole process.

The BMW’s wireless pad could be a game changer in the future of hybrid motor vehicles development. At this point, everything is depending on the satisfaction of the early clients, their experience with this modern technological progress, but mostly on the behavior of the product itself and how the developers handle any kind of obstacle that may or may not appear on their way to a brighter tomorrow.

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