BMW Purchases Parking App
Parkmobile App Logo

For those who have a problem finding a parking space in the city, an app has been acquired by the BMW Group to assist you. Parkmobile was previously owned by another company, BMW was just a minor investor, but today the majority of the app has been obtained.

Parkmobile is an app that gives guidance to a person struggling with the busy streets of bigger cities. Parking lots, garage parking and even spot reservations; all these services provided by one application.

A major problem in every big city is most certainly traffic, and the BMW nicely pointed out the fact, that nearly 30% of traffic may be caused by people who are searching for an empty parking space. The struggle is even bigger when a person is trying to get through an unknown city.

Parkmobile is currently accessible in over 1000 cities in the US and Europe, and due to the growing matter of traffic, the application will help with solving the unnerving challenge of finding an empty parking space without the unnecessary stop-and-start driving, circling the streets and the hesitation whether to go left or right at the crossroad ahead. This can significantly improve the traffic situation in a big city.

There is only one uncertainty; can BMW expand Parkmobile’s existing blueprint, that at the moment covers about one million parking spots in North America? Can it be expended to the point, where everybody will turn to Parkmobile once they become exhausted and irritated from aimlessly searching for a parking spot?


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