The best window fan those that are directly fitted onto the windows. These either work by blowing stale air out of the room or bringing in fresh air from outside. They either come with one blade or multiple blades and the direction of blade rotation can be reversed by a simple push of the button.

Selecting a good fan for windows can be a hectic process depending on whether you want it for temperature regulation or to keep out the staleness and the cooking odor. With numerous brands and models available in the market, it often becomes a dilemma for a person to settle down on a particular fan for his/her needs.

This buyers’ guide features 10 detailed window fan reviews and mentions the important things that you need to consider while looking for a powerful fan within your estimated budget.

Product NameWeightColourFeaturePrice
Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan
7.9 PoundsCreamDual Blade Check Price
Avalon Twin Window Fan6.0 PoundsWhiteBlades can be controlled separately Check Price
Comfort Zone Twin Window Fan6.8 PoundsGreyQuiet during operation Check Price
Lasko 3720 Weather Shield8.9 PoundsGrey/WhiteHas a whisper quiet operation. Check Price
Lasko 2155A Reversible Window Fan
11.6 PoundsCreamEfficient Check Price
Cool Works F 5280A 5.5 PoundsWhite Can be fitted to many windows Check Price
Dual Blade 9 inch Twin Window5.5 PoundsGrey/WhiteLightweight Check Price
Extractor Fan,110V1.4 PoundsWhiteFans do not get deformed. Check Price
Holmes 12 Inch Blizzard Fan5.5 PoundsBlack Can be controlled by a remote. Check Price
Airking 9166 Window Fan33.4 PoundsGreyPowerful airfllow Check Price

1.Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan with One Touch Thermostat

Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan with One Touch Thermostat
Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window

The fan comes at a very attractive and affordable price of $44.99. It is a twin fan meaning that there are two sets of blades side by side. It is designed to be fitted into all types of windows including double hung, casement windows and vertical sliders.

The two blades have their own separate controls. It is not a necessity to operate the two different fans at the same speed. They can also be controlled independently and operated at different speeds. The wind direction can be reversed as and when needed, converting them from intake to exhaust and vice versa.

The fan is ideal to be used in kitchens and bedrooms alike as it does not produce a lot of noise. It is especially perfect to be fitted into the kitchen as it can also work as a ventilator and is very quick in removing the stale air and circulating fresh air inside the room, thus avoiding any unwanted odor. You can adjust the settings so that one of the fan works as an input and the other as an exhaust.

The twin window is highly energy efficient and can reduce energy consumption by almost 60% as compared to a conventional air conditioner while producing almost the same cooling effect. They come with a one-touch control panel. Here you can adjust the desired temperature to be maintained in the room and the thermostat will automatically turn the fans on and off so as to maintain the required temperature.

The fan are extender panels which allow for it to be custom fitted into windows of all sizes and the extender screens fill up the excess space of large windows so the amount of air flow is not compromised.

  • The product is very budget friendly.
  • Features a dual blade operation.
  • Extender panels and screens are included with the set of fans which makes it possible to have them installed in all window types.
  • The fans can be manually alternated into intake and exhaust.
  • The product description mentions that the fans are manually reversible. This means that you will be required to lift the fans and turn them around to reverse the direction of airflow.
  • There is no switch to reverse the rotation of the blades.

2.Avalon Twin Window Fan

Avalon Twin Window Fan
Avalon Twin Window Fan

This fan makes use of a feature known as the Max cool technology which implies that there is a small thermostat incorporated into the fan with a temperature ranging from 60 to 80 degrees. There is also a small LED light that indicates when the thermostat is in use, thus letting you keep track of the temperature inside the room.

The two fan heads measure 9 inches and are built to be durable. They are designed with reversible blades so that they can be used simultaneously for exhaust and intake. It is a high-velocity fan that also does not take up a very large space. It also features a thermostat and max cool technology, all of which makes it the best window fan for households.

The entire unit has two motors made out of copper. The copper built allows them to withstand the different weather conditions during different times of the year. It is capable of moving large blocks of air. This makes sure that you always have a supply of fresh air into the room. Due to its simultaneous intake and exhaust, it could be ideal, especially for the bedroom.

It comes with expandable side panels which can add an extra 6.5 inches on each of the sides. This makes it possible to fit the twin fans in any window without leaving any extra gap. They come with removable legs and therefore, can either be installed directly into the windows or left as a freestanding unit on a ledge or a countertop. The fans are also quite lightweight and have a carry handle fitted into the back. This makes it possible to easily carry them from one room to the other.

The Avalon Twin Window Fan allows for three different speed settings – low medium and high. You can adjust the settings as per your convenience and also reverse the air flow depending upon the need of the hour.

  • The fans are highly portable.
  • The fans have removable legs, which can be attached or detached as per the convenience.
  • The motors are very powerful, and the large 9-inch blades ensure that fresh air gets quickly circulated inside the room.
  • The unit features two copper motors, each for one of the blades.
  • The window fan reviews for this product boast of extendable side panels. However, in reality, they are very difficult to extend
  • It comes with a very short cord
  • The breadth is too big, and the fan may sit perfectly in narrow window ledges
  • The motors are very noisy while operating

3.Comfort Zone Twin Window Fan

Comfort Zone twin Window fan
Comfort Zone twin Window fan

The fans are manually reversible and can be efficiently used for ventilation as well as for cooling. Being a multifunctional fan, it mainly offers three different functions – cooling, exhaust, and circulation. This makes it possible to use the fan in any part of the house and during any time of the day

All of the components used in the fan are imported and therefore highly efficient while also giving a good lasting. Upon placing it in the certain strategic areas around the house, you will be able to recreate a satisfying cool breeze inside the room. The blades measure 9 inches and are therefore able to circulate large blocks of air in a very efficient manner. It has a two-speed dial control which is adjusted as per the need of the hour.

This fan is very quiet as compared to most other fans and does not cause any distraction even for the light sleepers. There are also specific settings known as whisper quiet speeds which rotate the blades with minimum sound while giving a customized airflow.

It comes with two removable legs that can be attached and detached, depending on whether you are using it as a freestanding unit over countertops or have them fitted closely into the windows. The locking accordion expanders allow for a custom fit into windows measuring anywhere between 24 to 40 inches.

The fan measures 23 and a half inches wide and 12 inches tall and has its own built-in carry handle and is very lightweight, thus making it highly portable. The Comfort Zone Twin Window Fan meets the UL safety standards and is ETL listed, thus making it one of the best window fans to be used or domestic purposes. It derives its power from the 2AAA batteries and contains two motors, each of which is controlled independently to run at different whisper quiet speeds.

The product comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. Other accessories that come together with the fan include the removable tabletop feet, remote control, and a detailed instruction manual.

It features twin blades. These blades are reversible and can be operated independently. They can be so adjusted that one of them works as the intake and the other as the exhaust fan simultaneously.

  • Is very quiet during operation
  • The settings can be controlled through a remote
  • The motors are powerful enough to efficiently circulate air around the entire room
  • It is very lightweight. Therefore, you can easily move them around the house according to your own convenience
  • It’s not a very thin walled fan
  • Does not have a thermostat
  • You have to manually lift the fan and turn it around so as to change the wind direction
  • It does not create a constant humming. However, it does give out a constant rattle
  • Uses plastic fan blades which are cheap and do not last very long

4.Lasko 3720 20” Weather Shield Performance Box Fan

Lasko 3720 20” Weather Shield
Lasko 3720 20” Weather Shield

The Lasko 3720 is very user-friendly and requires very little maintenance. It is a box window fan and can be installed almost anywhere around the house without any difficulty. It is not necessary to have them fitted into windows. It is made using the same smart design which makes the box fan very energy efficient without compromising on the performance and efficiency.

It only costs 2 cents for a one-hour operation. This can help you save up quite a lot in the long term.

The fan contains weather shield motor which is capable of withstanding all types of weather conditions. It is actually designed to be used as a window fan and is highly rain resistant. You can, therefore, have the unit confidently placed alongside the windows without having to worry about the corroding elements. However, you can also use it as per your requirement.

The fan has its speed dial over the top for easy access. It is further painted in blue, making it easily visible. It can be adjusted to work at three different speed settings and the blades deliver a very quiet performance even at the highest speed settings. The motors are very powerful and together with the wind ring design, it offers a high-velocity airflow, thus cooling down the room in a very quick span of time.

The unit has its own carry handle for the ease of carrying around. It is ETL listed as a safe product and has fused safety plugs which prevent the risk of accidents. It comes with a limited warranty period of 2 years, but can give a very good lasting.

The fan enclosure is very wide as compared to most other models and it has a circular grill which does not obstruct the wind thrown out by the fan. This grill design ensures that the air is freely circulated inside the room. The enclosure is fairly stable and does not move around or rattle too much during operation

  • Powerful execution
  • The best window fan with regards to its weather resistance
  • Helps you save up on the energy bills
  • Very easy controls
  • Lightweight and therefore very easy to carry around
  • It has a wide box-shaped body which offers it a very good stability
  • It offers a whisper quiet operation at all the different speed settings
  • If any of the parts fuse during operation, replacements cannot be made
  • Due to its lightweight, strong winds can easily topple the fan off of the windows
  • The air movement does not reach long distances
  • Made using cheap quality products

5.Lasko 2155A 

Lasko 2155A Electrically Reversible Window Fan
Lasko 2155A Electrical

This is a single blade fan designed to be fitted into double hung style windows measuring 26 to 34.5 inches wide and 22 inches high. It has a motor that can be reversed with just a simple press of a button.

Therefore, you can change it from an intake to an exhaust almost instantly. This can be considered the best window fan for kitchens, mainly owing to its reversible motors. It efficiently pulls away all the staleness and odor and then immediately fills the room with clean fresh air.

The operation is very quiet at all different speed settings. Hence, it is least disturbing even when used in living rooms and bedrooms. It is designed as an air coolant to be installed in the entire house. High humidity does not tamper with the efficiency of the machine. Therefore, it is ideal for people living in the coastal areas. However, before buying, it would be safer to go through a few window fan reviews for the product from people who have actually used it in coastal areas.

The unit features 16 inches three paddle blades which are large enough to efficiently circulate the air in the entire room. It is highly energy efficient and helps you save up bug amounts through the energy bill. It is ATL listed and uses patented and fused safety plugs in the build for additional security.

It is designed with an exclusive storm guard feature which makes it possible to place the fan almost anywhere around the house. The outside elements cannot easily corrode the components used in the fan. It can be adjusted to three different speeds depending on the amount of airflow required within the room. This keeps the fan from being too slow or too overpowering.

  • Very efficient in pulling out the hot and stale air out of the rooms
  • The controls are very simple
  • Can be used in all climate conditions
  • It is made using all imported parts and gives a very good lasting
  • It is suitable for both the vertical and horizontal settings
  • You can open or close the windows without having to remove the fan
  • May leave small gaps on windows. This should be covered up using foam or the performance will not be optimum
  • The screws holding the motor may come loose. You will, therefore, have to step in and tighten them every once in a while
  • The motor is not powerful enough for larger rooms

6.Cool Works F 5280A 

Cool Works F 5280A 7” 2
Cool Works F 5280A 7” 2

This fan gives an excellent performance during all seasons of the year. It is powerful enough to provide enough cooling even during the very hot summer months. It works efficiently irrespective of where you have placed them.

The entire unit comes in a very appealing design and can accentuate the décor of your house. You will have a comfortable looking house while also receiving enough cooling during the hot months. It is a twin window fan with dual blades, each of which has their own independent controls. Both the sides have their speed controls with two different speed settings – low and high. Therefore, it can be used as an exhaust as well as an intake fan. It is also possible to manually reverse the wind direction during different times of the day.

The fan has built-in slide screens which can be adjusted and locked to obtain a custom fitting in different window types. There are two different motors placed inside the unit, one for each fan.

The motors are rain resistant. It is, therefore, the best window fan with dual blades for window side installation. They are built to be corrosion resistant even when used in high conditions.

The fans are very user-friendly and require little maintenance. They are sleek enough to be fitted directly into the windows. If you have them installed in the windows, it is not necessary to remove the unit while opening and closing the window.

The motors are rain resistant. It is, therefore, the best window fan with dual blades for window side installation. They are built to be corrosion resistant even when used in high conditions.

  • Powerful motors that circulate the air in the entire house
  • Provides efficient temperature regulation during all seasons
  • Easy to use
  • Can be fitted with all types of windows
  • Noisy operation. May cause irritation if installed in bedrooms or living rooms
  • Made using cheap parts. Does not give a good lasting

7.Dual Blade Twin Window Fan

Dual Blade 9-Inch Twin Window
Dual Blade 9-Inch Twin Window

This is a dual blade fan and comes in an attractive white cover. It is lightweight and can be easily moved around the house. It also has a built-in handle for the ease of carrying around. Due to their lightweight, they can be manually rotated in order to change the direction of airflow.

It can be converted from an intake to an exhaust fan whenever the need arises. They can be used a separate standalone unit over tab tops or be fitted directly into the windows ranging anywhere in between 22 to 33 inches.

The blades measure 9 inches and are big enough to pull out stale air from the entire room and circulate fresh air. There is 2-speed dial control which allows for the unit to be operated at variable speeds. The fan offers a very quiet operation and does not cause any distraction when used for long periods of time. You can set in on exhaust during the day so as to prevent the heat accumulation in the room and change it later to intake to receive cool evening air

It is ETL listed and the best window fan for homes in terms of safety. The housing is made out of superior quality plastic that reduces the overall weight while also making it more durable. It has a dimension of 22 ½ inches by 4 inches by 10 ¾ inches and comes with a fabric cover which can be used when the unit is not under operation. This cover protects the fans from dust particles and bugs.

The expandable accordion sliders allow for it to be adjusted and locked so as to fit into all different window sizes. The removable feet included in the package can be installed and removed depending on how you are using it.

  • It is very lightweight and therefore highly portable
  • The airspeed can be adjusted as per the need of the hour
  • The fans have a great aesthetic appeal and impart a harmonious touch to the room décor
  • Has a very soft and quiet operation
  • The company does not offer a very good customer service
  • It is not very sturdy and may break if it falls off the window

8.Extractor Fan110V Wall-Mounted 

Extractor Fan,110V
Extractor Fan,110V

This is a wall mounted fan and best used in kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and other narrow and congested spaces which require regular air flow. It is the best window fan for kitchens as it can efficiently pull out all the cooking smell and fumes in a very short amount of time. It comes with a one-speed setting which is fixed and is mainly useful when it comes to keeping an area well ventilated and reducing the moisture and humidity in the air

The fan comes in two different sizes which can be selected according to the size of the room. The window fan casing is made using ABS plastic which does not get easily deformed and gives a very good lasting. It is also very compact and can easily be fitted into tight spaces. The extractor fan gives a steady and reliable performance at all times. It has a very low power consumption and can help you save big time on the energy bills.

The motors are quite sturdy and do not heat up incessantly even when used for a long period of time. The entire unit is capable of withstanding temperatures as high as 90 degrees. Apart from that, the fan comes in a good color and high-grade components. It is also eco-friendly in the sense that it creates no harmful wastes and has an extended life which goes on to minimize the reckless use of nonbiodegradable goods.

The fan comes in two different sizes which can be selected according to the size of the room. The window fan casing is made using ABS plastic which does not get easily deformed and gives a very good lasting. It is also very compact and can easily be fitted into tight spaces. The extractor fan gives a steady and reliable performance at all times. It has a very low power consumption and can help you save big time on the energy bills.

  • The fans do not get deformed
  • It is highly effective in pulling out the humidity
  • The fan does not have a plug. You will be required to fit in one at the time of installation
  • The manufacturers have advertised it as a 110 Volt product. However, in reality, it requires 240 volts to operate

9.Holmes 12 Inch Blizzard Remote Control Power Fan 

Holmes 12 Inch Blizzard
Holmes 12 Inch Blizzard

All the Holmes appliances are designed to make everyday living a little more comfortable. Their products embody the essence of both performance and design. Their 12-inch blizzard control power fan is a no exception. This product has a very high visual appeal and can beautifully complement the interior décor of your rooms.

However, this does not mean that you will be compromising on the functionality. This is a very powerful fan and efficiently regulates the airflow in the entire room.

The Holmes Blizzard combines together specially designed motor and powerful blades so as to create the maximum air propulsion during its operation, thereby creating a very efficient cooling effect. There are three different speed settings available for operation. If you do not want a high-velocity air flow, you can also adjust it to breeze settings and move around the tilt head till you come across the most favorable placement and tilt, directing the airflow exactly as desired.

This is a very high performance and high-quality product in the category of window fans. Unlike other window fans, this one has a freely rotating grill that ensures every area in the room gets an even air flow. It also comes in a very slim and sleek design and can be conveniently fitted into almost any area without affecting the decor. It does not take up a very bulky space and provides sufficient cooling even in the hot summer months. In addition to that, the window fan also has a huge carry handle that makes it very convenient to carry from one place to the other.

This may be the best window fan out there mainly owing to its adjustable timer, a feature not seen in other window fans. This timer allows you to program the fan up to 8 hours. To sum it up, the Holmes 12 inch Blizzard is a product that redefines comfort. It is also a good investment for your money as it is made using highly durable parts and gives quite a good lasting. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty but is definitely built to last longer than that.

The window fan can be controlled through a wireless remote. Therefore, you can adjust the settings to create an optimum cooling effect without having to constantly walk up to the fan. This can be very convenient as you can continue to do your work from your corner without having to walk around to optimize the temperature.

  • It is made out of the import quality material
  • Can be controlled through a remote
  • Features three different speed settings to an optimum air flow inside the house
  • The adjustable timer allows you to program its functioning up to 8 hours in advance. You can also program it to automatically shut off after a given period of time
  • It uses the advanced blade system and blizzard technology to ensure maximum airflow
  • Produces a constant whining sound during operation
  • You must be careful with the remote as it can stop working if stressed too much

10.Airking 9166 20” Whole House Window Fan

best window fan
Air King Window Fan 9166

This fan is perfect to be used in residential as well as commercial areas. It can be fitted into windows that have an opening measuring anywhere between 27 to 38 inches and 26.25 inches tall. Most fans are secured into the window by bringing down the shutter and if you want to completely close the window, you will be required to lift the fan and have it replaced.

Furthermore, the fan has its housing made out of impact-resistant plastic while the blades and the front grill are made out of powder coated steel. This makes it powerful enough to withstand all different climate conditions without giving in. It also has a very powerful motor which provides sufficient cooling at all times of the day. This product is also listed under the OSHA and ETL and comes with a full one year warranty against all defective parts and workmanship.

The motor used in this model is permanently lubricated and can be adjusted to three different speeds and features a permanent split capacitor along with sleeve bearing. It is rated at 120 volts and 1/6 horsepower. The three different speeds as mentioned above are 3560, 3120 and 2510 CFM. This is an industrial grade fan motor and approved under the AMCA standards. It is capable of offering very high-velocity air circulation and requires very little maintenance.

Its other special features include a front mounted rotary control which is easily accessible for making the different speed settings. It has 3 conductors and a 7-foot long power cord. It comes together with storm guard sliding panels, the mounting hardware, and a detailed instruction leaflet.

This is not the case with Air King. Air king window fan has a storm guard feature which means that you can close the window behind the fan if there seem to be any signs of an oncoming bad weather.

  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Uses industrial grade motor
  • Very good suction
  • Powerful airflow
  • Loud noise
  • The welding may come out due to constant rattling

Buyers Guide

Placement of the fanHow much airflow you needPowerWind directionNoise
  • Depending on where you are going to place the fan, you can either choose between a dual or a single window fan. Dual windows are ideal for kitchens as one fan works to throw the exhaust and one will bring in the fresh air.
  • However, if you do not find this arrangement convenient enough, you can go for two single fans and place the inward blowing fan in a fresh and shady place so that it brings the cool and fresh air from outside.
  • This will entirely depend on the size of the room and if you are using any other appliances for cooling.
  • For a normal sized room, one exhaust fan and one inward bowing fan should be enough. However, you may have to consider the size of the fan. If the window frames are much larger than the fan size, you can make use of extenders to seal of the vacant space so as to ensure optimal efficiency.
  • To know how powerful a fan is, check its CFM rating or cubic feet per minute rating. This will determine how much air the fan can pull out and push into a room.
  • Remember that although a higher CFM would mean more powerful performance, powerful fans could be overbearing, especially if the room is smaller.
  • Even if a certain fan claims to have a high-velocity performance, be sure to check out the window fan reviews of the product before making the purchase.
  • If you are familiar with the wind direction around your house, it becomes easier to select the window fans for different areas around the house.
  • For e.g. if the outside wind direction assists the direction of the fan, you may not require it to be very powerful. You can also increase the efficiency of the fans by placing them over spots which receive constant bursts of cool air.
  • Some fans make a lot of noise while operating. This can be a huge distraction, especially if you need to use it on a constant basis. Therefore, look for models that do not produce a lot of noise.
  • The window fan reviews featured later in the section can guide you on which models produce the least noise.
  • Below are the detailed window fan reviews of 10 products which are considered to be the best in this category. Going through these window fan reviews will help you narrow down on the choices and make the selection process much quicker and easier.


These fans have been meticulously chosen in order to bring you the best out of the lot. All are window fans and can be fitted directly into the windows to recreate a soft breeze inside the house. In some models, you can reverse the direction of air flow with a simple touch of a button. Also, these are universal window fans meaning that they can be installed into the windows of all shapes and sizes and can go with different types of decor. However, from the 10 window fan reviews featured above it is quite clear that the best is the Avalon Twin Window fan.

This particular fan has many high-end features such as the Max Cool Technology and an adjustable thermostat which takes it a step further in-room cooling. It holds an ETL certification and can be adjusted for reversible air flow. The fan even has an indicator light that lets you determine the level of cooling inside the room. You can compare all these products in terms of their power consumption, efficiency, durability, and price and settle on whichever sounds the best.


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