With thousands of iPhone apps available and new ones being developed every day it is hard to always find exactly what you are looking for or what is suited to your specific needs. These three lists look at apps for maps, hotels and languages and detail some excellent free iPhone apps that are designed to help the user travel around the UK and the whole world.

The Best Free iPhone Apps for Travel – Maps

Animated Smartphone.
Animated Smartphone.

With the sheer volume of iPhone apps with maps on them it is hard to find which is the clearest, most up to date and accessible. Because there are so many map iPhone apps there is no need to pay for one as there are many excellent free ones. Here is a list of excellent free iPhone apps that are or have within them useful maps:

  1. Google Earth – Use this free iPhone app to zoom in anywhere in the world, with overhead view and even street view.
  2. Tube Map – This app gives you the full London Underground map, lets you search for stations and check for delays on any of the Underground lines.
  3. Skobbler UK/Ireland – This iPhone app gives you voice assisted, turn by turn satellite navigation in your hand and across the UK and Ireland.
  4. OffMaps – This company has a range of free iPhone apps of city maps for London, paris and Berlin etc.
  5. New York Subway Map – Similar to the Tube Map above this free app has routes, a full map and notes of delays on the New York Subway.

The Best Free iPhone Apps for Travel – Hotels

Find Hotels App.
Find Hotels App.

Similarly with maps the iPhone has many apps for hotels. Some are for specific countries and companies whilst others are more helpful guides. These apps have been known to save people lost and without accommodation, especially in foreign countries and they are all free to download on the iPhone:

  1. Superbreak – This free iPhone app details the locations, prices and star ratings of hundreds of hotels around the world.
  2. Kayak – This is a free app which offers car rental and flight details as well as hotel information all over the world.
  3. Booking.com – This iPhone app is ideal for finding cheap hotels in the UK and especially in central London.
  4. AA Hotel Guide – use this free iPhone app to read up on the quality of certain hotel, what’s in the local area and view images of the hotel.

The Best Free iPhone Apps for Travel – Languages

When travelling abroad in is good to have a useful map and great hotel information but getting around is a lot easier with even basic knowledge of the language. There are many free iPhone apps that can help with this and make travelling abroad a lot easier. Whether trying to master the language or just order coffee these iPhone apps will help:

  1. Language Translator – This iPhone app will translate single words up to whole paragraphs an although not always 100% accurate it is quite useful with pretty much all languages available to translate to and from.
  2. Free Pocket Languages – This is a series of free iPhone apps with help for many specific languages, including French, Italian and Arabic. The record and playback feature is especially useful on this app.
  3. iDict – This iPhone app is loaded with 51 different languages and is basically a translating dictionary between them all.
  4. Trippo Voice Translator – Just speak into the phone and this free iPhone app will translate whatever you say, which is very useful when travelling abroad and need directions or to order in a restaurant etc.

With so many iPhone apps for travelling there is really no need to spend money on them as there are many for free. With this plethora of apps in your hand travelling around the world is stress free, easy and fun! The iPhone has made a lot of things simpler and travelling is definitely one of them.



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