If you are taking off for a short trip and wish to stay connected to the technological world, you should have the proper tech gadgets to do so. Even if you are going on a weekend trip or a two-day business trip, having the right tech gadgets will ensure you can stay connected to your favorite social networks, access your productivity software, or simply capture memories for everyone to look at. Here is a list of the 10 best tech gadgets no one should travel without during short trips.

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Mobile Phones

Having a mobile phone with you during your short trip will allow you to keep in touch with your friends and family. If you have a more sophisticated device, such as a smartphone, you can even browse the Internet or have all your favorite applications at your fingertips.


A netbook is a more portable way of having a full computing experience. Many netbooks are capable of doing everything standard laptops or desktop computers are capable of. The netbook has come a long way and consumer can take all their applications, files, and resources when they set out on their short trip.

Digital Camera

Even though you are on a short trip, chances are there is something you would like to take a picture of. Having a digital camera with you will allow you to capture memories whether you are on a short vacation or business trip. Digital cameras come in ultracompact sizes that can fit in your pocket while still capable of delivering high quality photos.

USB Drive

Having a USB Drive with you will allow you to keep your most important files with you. You can quickly and easily store files and photos on your USB Drive for easy access without the need to have an active Internet connection.

E-book Reader

If you enjoy reading, it is now possible to carry your entire book library with you on your short vacation. E-book readers are becoming increasingly popular and the devices are portable enough to fit into your laptop carrying case or in small luggage bags.

MP4 Player

MP-4 Player
MP-4 Player

Whether it’s an iPod or other MP4 device, you can take all your tunes on your short trip. Having your MP4 can help your relax during stressful times if you are on a business trip. If you are on a short vacation, you can relax to your favorite music while enjoy your vacation.


MP-4 Player

Having good quality headphone, preferably headphone with noise-cancelling technology, will help you escape to your own world. If you are flying to your short trip destination, putting on your headphones and relaxing to some tunes or a movie will help make flying there just a little easier. Beats Solo 3’s are amazing headphones, extremely lightweight and the wireless feature is very useful as it removes the need for wires and cables.

SatNav GPS


If your short trip is to a place you have never been to, GPS devices can help you navigate through the city or town you are going to. Some GPS devices can also help you find places of interest, restaurants, coffee shops, or hotels.

Handheld Gaming

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

Whether it’s a Sony PSP or a Nintendo Switch, having your gaming device will keep you entertained during the non-exciting parts of your short trip. These devices come in handy especially for a car ride or plane ride to and from your short trip.


Having these 10 tech gadgets will not only ensure you are connected with your technological world, but they will also help you in all aspects of your short trip, whether it’s taking some pics or enjoying your favorite video game.


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